Aaaah.......heat and humidity. Those of us who live in colder climates REALLY enjoy some time away to some place that has HEAT! But, after so much time in that heat AND humidity, we all need a break from it.  Especially in Florida from March through mid October. We need some cool, DRY air. The Florida humidity is a force to be reckoned with. A quick fix of walking in a store doesn't quite cut it. You need some time to cool down your body enough so that you can trek on with your day around the parks in the heat. Here are some of the best places to do that:

  1. PhilharMagic, Magic Kingdom--Again, who wouldn't want to sit in an air conditioned theater?! You get to sit and enjoy the air conditioning to cool everyone down and be entertained. It doesn't get any better than that!
  2. Soarin', Epcot--There can be a rather long wait, but you wait inside an air conditioned building! This allows the body to cool for a long time and you end with a great ride with the wind blowing on your face. By the time you leave, you're ready to face the heat, again.
  3. The Hall of Presidents, Magic Kingdom--"Air Conditioned theater" sums up the reason why this is on the list. Nothing moves except the presidents on the stage. Take this opportunity to appreciate the great technology and learn something new about this great country's history or just a refresher course for you and your vacation party. The lights go down so you may be lucky to have your little ones fall asleep further rejuvenating them for the rest of your day, as well.
  4. Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, Magic Kingdom--Overflow of lines could be outside, but I've never seen it. Walk in to an air conditioned waiting room where you can text jokes that could be used in the show. Once the doors open, walk all the way across the aisles to fill up all the seats, sit down and enjoy the show in the air conditioning. 
  5. It's Tough To Be A Bug, Animal Kingdom--Walk into a large area that almost feels like you're walking into a basement. What happens when you walk into a basement? It's cooler! Then, go in and sit down and enjoy the show in the air conditioned theater. Great way to cool down and rest your tired feet and be entertained at the same time!
  6. Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom--I have never stood outside to go on this ride. So, even if there's a possibility for overflow, there is PLENTY of room inside in the air conditioning. Worst case scenario, you stand outside for a time, but the majority of the line is inside allowing you to cool down for a significant time while you are out of the sun. The fun ride whips you around causing an air stream through your hair. Cool down and end with a great ride. That's my kinda ride!
  7. Toy Story Midway Mania, Hollywood Studios--The majority of the line is indoors and is actually fun to explore while you wait. This arcade-style ride is unique, which is why it's so popular year-round!
  8. Test Track, Epcot--You have the ability to wait inside in the air conditioned line to get to the ride for the most part. There could be some days where it's so busy that the line continues outside. But, ultimately, you have enough time to wait inside and be in the car long enough to cool down. Plus, with the 65 MPH ride at the end, even though it's outdoors, the wind is sure to end the ride on a cooler-than-you- were moment.
  9. Kali River Rapids, Animal Kingdom--While this is strictly an outdoor ride, getting "buckets of water" dumped on your head is a great, quick-fix to cool anyone down. Aside from jumping in a pool, this is the next best thing. It's definitely not a slow way to cool down, but it's a fun way to cool down fast.
  10. Spaceship Earth, Epcot--While the line does stay outside, it is all in the shade. Once you are inside and board the ride, you take a nice, slow ride through (air conditioned) Spaceship Earth. It's a great ride not just to cool down, but also to rest and slow down in order to rejuvenate yourself.