Best Places To Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks

This must-see entertainment includes a projection show on the face of Cinderella’s Castle with a spectacular fireworks show. What many people don’t know is that the fireworks go off quite a distance away behind Cinderella’s Castle AND some basic fireworks within the castle’s vicinity mostly in between the big, BIG fireworks. If viewing the fireworks from inside the park, you will not see that, but as a Disney Vacation Club member, we are privileged to view the fireworks from the top of Bay Lake Tower and we can see the actual location. With that being said, there are many places you can get a good view whether you are a Disney Vacation Club member or not. (My personal favorite is the circle around the hub.)

  • Circle around the Hub: The hub is the area of Main Street, U.S.A. that surrounds the Partners Statue (Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue). The “hub” is the center of the Magic Kingdom. This is the place where guests are directed onto one of the walkways, (AKA spokes), into the different lands located all around Cinderella’s Castle. Don’t stand too close to the castle, but not too far, either. Stand around the statue and no further back than Casey’s Corner/Crystal Palace/The Plaza. Cast members will have tape on the ground to keep that area open as a walkway from one side of the street to the other.
  • Main Street, U.S.A.:  When the show is due to start within 15-30 minutes, Main Street, USA will fill up with people standing in place. The further back you are, the less detail you will see of the projection show on the castle, but it is also a great way to exit the park fast. We have taken advantage of walking out of the park down Main Street, U.S.A. to avoid the mass exodus after the fireworks and watched the fireworks at the same time, too. We walk, stop, look, walk a little, stop, look and so on. Or, find a place to stop and watch the whole thing, but I will warn you that it’s VERY crowded and cast members are required to move people along in the high traffic areas to avoid chaos. This is very crowded and popular, because the view from Main Street, U.S.A. allows a straight view of the projection show on the castle and the fireworks show. But, the further down the street you are and closer to the exit, the less crowded it will be.
  • California Grill: I had the pleasure of discovering this location for one of the best views, by accident! I had no idea this is a popular location to watch the fireworks until we were told, while dining, that the music is streamed through the restaurant and there is a balcony to watch the fireworks if you can’t see the park from your table. The entire restaurant is surrounded with windows.  We were lucky and were seated on the side of the restaurant where we just sat at our table, ate our dessert and watched the show. What I know now is that this restaurant is not only in demand for it’s fantastic food, but, if you schedule your reservations right, you are treated with a great show, too. If you dine earlier, you can go back to view the fireworks. Just be sure to have your receipt as proof of dining there that day.
  • Bay Lake Tower: If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, head over to Bay Lake Tower to view them from the top of the building. There is a place to sit inside where you can buy something to drink and/or eat while you wait for the entertainment to start (limited seating so get there early) or sit on any one of the benches that are outside while you wait. The music is streamed to the outside viewing location. Be sure to bring your DVC membership card and proper ID!! The card is required to check-in on the first floor in order to access the elevator. You will receive a ticket with number of people and ride the express elevator to the top.