Guests With Disabilities

I have gathered as much information as possible from multiple sources to this one page. You will find important information and page links to Walt Disney World’s site and Florida DMV handicap placard regulations below.

Wheelchairs/Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV)

Upon entry to any of the 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World, guests who are in need of a wheelchair can rent an ECV (battery operated) or a regular wheelchair for the day. There is a daily fee plus a deposit. You are given a paper where you write your name on the paper to slide into the plastic sleeve, which displays your name so you are able to identify your chair from all of the other chairs after leaving a show, attraction, etc. Please, do not take someone else’s chair. They also give you a key, if you rent an ECV, and a contract. When you are leaving the park, bring the contract back to the same location with the chair and they will credit back the deposit. They will ask if you are going back to the same park. If you are, they will save you the chair. If you choose to go to another park, there is no guarantee a chair will be available. If there is availability, you simply hand the cast member the same documentation. They will charge you the deposit. Upon leaving the park, bring the chair and the documentation back to the same place and they credit your deposit. There are outside companies where you can rent ECV’s at a more affordable rate. Plus, they deliver the ECV to your resort on the day of your checkin and pick it up at your resort on the day of your checkout, but you must be present to meet the outside vendor “face to face” at the resort. The chair can then be used no matter where you go throughout all of WDW versus just the theme park if you rent from Disney.

Disability Access Service (DAS)

**All information below is on Walt Disney World’s site. The link to this same information is below.

DAS is intended for Guests whose disability prevents them from waiting in a conventional queue environment. This service allows Guests to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current queue wait for the given attraction. Once a return time is issued, Guests are free to enjoy other theme park offerings such as meeting a Character, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying entertainment or even visiting another attraction until their listed return time. Return times are valid until redeemed prior to park closing.

Guests can only have one active return time at a time. As soon as an outstanding attraction return time is redeemed, Guests can receive a return time for the same or a different attraction.

This service can be used in addition to Disney FastPass+ Service.

DAS, with its virtual wait, will accommodate many Guests with disabilities. They recognize, however, that their Guests with disabilities have varying needs, and they will continue to work individually with our Guests to provide assistance.

In unique situations, Guest Relations staff will discuss special accommodations for persons who are concerned DAS does not meet their needs (e.g., those whose disability limits the duration of their visit to the park or limits their choice of attractions).

All accommodations will be made in person on site at Guest Relations. They are unable to provide accommodations in advance of a Guest visit. 

Detailed Process To Obtain DAS Pass

When you arrive at a park the first day, go to guest relations (outside the park) and ask for a DAS pass. (There are guest relations inside and outside the parks. If you end up going through the gates, simply go to guest relations inside the entrance.) Be sure your entire vacation party is present at this time. All MB’s will be scanned. This will now be good for your stay. One of the people on the list will go to the attraction and ask for a return time. Their MB will be scanned. No one else needs to go, but the person with the disability must go on the attraction in order to use the DAS pass. The CM will ask who will be going on the attraction and check them off on their iPad. They will tell you a return time. You can return any time after that time. There is no 1 hour limit like a FastPass. You cannot get another pass with DAS until that pass is used and the person with the DAS pass must go on the attraction. Example: When we arrived at AK, we went directly to FOP to get a return time and then went about the rest of the park until we were ready to go back after our return time. The return time is based on as if you are standing in line. So, if there is a 90-minute wait, they will give you a return time in 90 minutes from that moment. 😊

**For more information on the DAS process, please click here, which will bring you to Disney’s page.

Additional Walt Disney World Links

Magnetic Fields

Common equipment, such as electric motors and radios, that produce electric and magnetic fields are utilized extensively throughout the world and also within our Resorts. These fields are generally no greater than you would experience in any urban environment or may be exposed to through common household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.

If you—or any member of your party—has questions regarding the above, you may speak with a Guest Relations Cast Member for details.

Restrooms & Companion Restrooms

Restrooms at the theme parks offer facilities designed for access by Guests with mobility disabilities. Companion-assisted restroom facilities are also available at various locations in each theme park. Theme park First Aid locations have facilities with additional space and privacy for individuals who may need assistance from a member of their party with their personal care needs.

Handicap Automobile Placards

The following information was taken from

Handicap Placards for FL Visitors

If you are visiting Florida from another U.S. state, you can use your home state placard for disabled parking in Florida.

(FYI, you may want to consider bringing your auto registration from home, just in case.)

If you are visiting from another country, you can apply for a temporary placard. You will need:

  • A copy of your disabled parking permit from your home country.
  • A form of identification, such as your passport.
  • Payment for the $15 fee.

Take these items to the nearest Florida DHSMV tag office or tax collector’s office.