My Favorite Photo Spots At Walt Disney World

Photo op at Walt Disney World

First of all, you could just leave it up to Walt Disney World and buy the Memory Maker package. Unfortunately, it only takes pictures of your vacation party. What about the scenery or the places you want a picture, but there is no photographer?

Everyone has the intention of taking pictures of their vacation party and they are prepared if they are vacationing at a popular sightseeing destination like Alaska, the White Mountains in New Hampshire or the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine, but if you have not been to Walt Disney World, yet, or have only been once or twice, let me prepare you now that your pictures will increase exponentially and many of them will be of the scenery as well as your vacation party.

I have been to WDW many times and I recently noticed the number of pictures has grown significantly after each visit. Your pictures tell a story and it is a story we love to reminisce on by ourselves or with family and friends. So, let me warn you now, be prepared with not only having your camera with you and ready at all times, but make sure it has plenty of memory to store all of the pictures you will take. Stop and look at all photo opportunities as a way of catching and freezing your past memories. You will not regret it. 

Cinderella Castle

I know this may be a no-brainer, but it is when and how you get a picture that is my absolute favorite photo, which I discovered by accident. I fell in love when I saw this picture I took of the castle. Many of my pictures are chance and I do not know how good they came out until I look at them on the big computer screen when I get home. Now I make every effort to take nighttime pictures of the castle.

Raise your camera above people’s heads and start taking those pictures. It does not matter if the castle has Christmas lights or not. Raise your arms and get a picture of the whole castle at night. Looking at the picture to the left, you would not know there was a crowd of heads in front of me.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

After you pass through the turnstiles, WAIT! Do not rush down Main Street, USA, just yet. We all rush to get into the park to be at the beginning of the loooonnnnggg lines, but wait! Look at all the details Disney has put together for all of us to enjoy that is not ride related.

Japan Pavilion, Epcot

The Torii Gate is located at the Japan Pavilion on World Showcase Lagoon. This is one of my favorites, because not only is it a pretty structure, but you can get the Spaceship Earth in the background, too, if you wanted to! 


I have taken dozens and dozens of my family with characters, but every once in a while, you catch a unique picture of the family and characters doing something funny, standing a different way, making a funny face. If you look at the little boy with Mickey and Minnie to the right, you will see there are no other kids around. There is no photographer, either. We had just arrived at the resort in 1998 and we were walking to dinner.

Why would I carry my camera to dinner? I don’t know! I grabbed it on our way out of the room and look at who we bumped into. Mickey and Minnie do not take pictures with people together unless you know someone who can get you special privileges or they are paid to be at an event. The event just so happen to be where we were walking by. I could NEVER duplicate that picture. It is a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

While On Attractions

When it is safe to do so, I have my camera ready, get on a ride, buckle myself in (if necessary) and turn to my vacation party to try to get some good pictures. Some of my best pictures are of my vacation party smiling and enjoying themselves.


It is amazing how something so simple as walking up to a statue (that most people just pass by) and have your picture taken with it. Once again, you are telling a story of your travels. So, take pictures to show others and remind yourself of what you saw along the way.

Liberty Bell, Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

There are several great spots for pictures in Liberty Square. One that many people rush by is a replica of the Liberty Bell. This Liberty Bell replica is special, though. In 1976 there were 50 copies of the Liberty Bell made to celebrate America’s bicentennial. One of them was given to each state. Since Pennsylvania has the real Liberty Bell, the state donated its copy to Disney. It has been in Liberty Square since July 4, 1989.

Showcase Lagoon, Epcot

Any place of the Lagoon is a great photo op. Especially on a beautiful day and there’s activity in the water.

Expedition Everest, Asia, Animal Kingdom

I have found myself taking pictures from near and far, as you can see in the pictures to the right. It really is beautiful. You’ll want to take several photos. There is an outdoor area for people who are waiting for their party and want to catch them as they are on the ride, which is one of the pictures here as well. While waiting in line to go on the ride, there are several areas to take pictures with your vacation party and/or of the décor.


We may not spend much time in our resort rooms, but I think it is important to take some pictures of the gorgeous lobbies! Take some time to look at the details and the beauty of each resort you stay at.

Theme Park Icons

No photo album from a Disney World vacation is complete without pictures of some park icons. There are just so many places you can take pictures with Spaceship Earth. When you are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you will want to take a picture of the Tree of Life after you pass the Oasis. Taking a picture of anyone in front of these icons can be challenging, because they are just so big. But, for the sake of memories, take a picture of each icon as best as you can.

LEGO Imagination Center Statues, Disney Springs

The statues change from time to time so you will want to stop every time you plan to go to Disney Springs. You will be amazed by what they can do with LEGOS!

If you have a digital camera and have plenty of memory available in the camera, experiment with taking pictures! It does not cost you anything to take pictures. You can delete what you do not want. You may just surprise yourself with what you see.