Things No One Tells You About Walt Disney World

Cinderella castle

I think it is cruel punishment for anyone not to prepare the first-timer with any of these. It is like putting a cold glass in hot water… shatters from the shock. People need to know the basics so they are prepared. It is stressful enough as it is, never mind being hit with typical Walt Disney World stuff no other place experiences.

Long Lines

Depending on the time of year and the attractions you want to see, you will encounter a line at some point. Be prepared and hope for the best. Look into Disney Genie+ Service to help and just remember to pack your patience. Thankfully, Disney prepared for this in most attractions in advance. Most waiting areas are shaded and some have interactive games to play along the way.

Stroller/Wheelchair Collision

It is what it is. Lots of people and people with strollers and wheelchairs do not mix well. Once again, patience is key and put yourself in their place. It is just as frustrating for them, because they are trying to get through without hitting anyone or people keep cutting them off.

Disney Is Not Perfect

They try to be as perfect as possible, but Disney is run by humans and humans are not perfect. There may be times that your vision of a perfect Disney World vacation will be below expectations. We do not live in a perfect world. Expect it and you will not be disappointed. If all goes seamless, you will greatly appreciate it and cherish your experience. Patience and understanding is key.

You Will Want To Come Back

When you first leave, you will be “Disney’d out”. You think you can live without it and will not want to go back any time soon. But, within months, you slowly start to think of the fun time you had with your vacation party, the memories you made, the good food you ate, the fond moments on some rides, the great pictures you took, the joy on your kids’ (or vacation party’s) faces……..Oh, yeah, they have got you now! Who knew? Plus, then you realized you didn’t cover ½ as much as you wanted to and need to go back just to see the rest. You have now fallen victim to the “Human Mousetrap”.

Cast Member Diversity (Happy Item)

There are Cast Members from all over the globe working at Walt Disney World. It is intriguing to see where each person is from just by looking at their name tag. I have seen people from towns I grew up, vacationed, have family, etc.


Before you begin to plan a trip, be prepared to know that it is expensive. There are ways to save here and there, but bottom line is that Walt Disney World is a company that needs to make money just to exist for all of us to go nuts over. They also give you a clean place for your family to stay and play. That comes with a higher cost than normal.

I think the most beneficial way to enjoy the true Walt Disney World experience is to book your package a year in advance (resort, dining plan, tickets) so you can make monthly payments and be done paying for all of it 30 days before your check-in date. The only other lump sum payments due will be flights, if applicable, and your transportation to and from the airport. When you arrive at Walt Disney World, you will be buying whatever meals you do not have covered with the dining plan (recommend breakfast or use snacks on the plan for breakfast resulting in minimal extra cost), souvenirs and additional activities you may decide to do that cost extra.

Technically, souvenirs and other activities can be avoided all together! Technically, you can avoid the parks all together, too, but you will not be given the dining plan option. Another way to save is on drinks. Drink more water rather than sodas or alcohol. You can also get a free cup of water at quick service restaurants any time.

Weight Loss? HA!!

Unfortunately, it is true. You would think with all the excessive walking we do that we would see some substantial weight loss, right? Nope! Eating out at all of these great restaurants makes sure we balance things out or could possibly cause you to gain weight!