Disney Dining Plan Snack Tips

Mickey Mouse pretzel with cheese

The most misunderstood part of the Disney Dining Plan is the snack and the most common question is “what constitutes to be a snack”? It is also the biggest waste of money to most families, because the family leaves them on the “table”. They either get forgotten about or people just do not know what qualifies as a snack. By leaving them on the “table”, families waste their money, because the purchase of the snacks is built into the price they paid for the dining plan. Hopefully, this information will help you not waste your money.

Dining Plan Brochures

According to the dining plan brochures, these are the snacks they reference:

  • Frozen Ice Cream Novelty, Popsicle or Fruit Bar
  • Popcorn Scoop
  • 12 oz. Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Hot Tea
  • Single-serving prepackaged Milk or Juice
  • One Piece of Whole Fruit
  • Single-serving Bag of Snacks
  • 20 oz Bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dasani Water
  • 22 oz Fountain Soft Drink

That is just the best way of writing up something simple on a brochure. Most people are looking for a snack or drink during the day so that’s what Disney’s marketing department focused on. There are so many more snacks, though! I have learned from the cast members of a wide variety of other products that are available to use as your daily, entitled snack. For instance, if you go to a quick service for breakfast in the morning and you want a bagel? Bam! That is a snack. You want a doughnut? Bam! That is a snack!

Snacks As Meals

Not only can you grab special items as snacks, but you can also make a meal out of some. We always buy the Disney Dining Plan where you get 1 snack, 1 quick service and 1 table service per person per night’s stay. That leaves one meal per day that needs to be paid for. We may have to buy my husband’s breakfast, but not mine! I use my snack as my breakfast, because we use the quick service as our lunch and the table service for our dinner.

I am so full that I never want a snack, but if I get hungry or want that special funnel cake, which we always share, anyway, we use my husband’s snack entitlement. Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider using your snack entitlement on:

  • Homemade ice cream sandwiches at Main Street Bakery, Magic Kingdom
  • Dole Whip at Captain Cook’s, Polynesian Resort, Tamu Tamu Refreshments, Animal Kingdom or Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom
  • Baked Potato at Liberty Square Market, Magic Kingdom
  • Chili at Casey’s Corner, Magic Kingdom
  • Funnel Cake at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Disney Dining Plan Symbol

One of the easiest ways to determine what a snack is on the DDP is to look for the DDP snack logo that is a purple and white square. Another easy way to determine what a snack is on the DDP is to ask a cast member.

Snacks To Take Home With You

Ok, so, now you find yourself towards the end of your trip and you have quite a few snack entitlements left on the table to use. Go into a store or shop that has snacks you can travel home with. For example, we had a few leftover on a vacation once so we went into a store in the Magic Kingdom and brought home a bunch of cookies and rice crispy treats. How do I know this? I went in and asked a cast member what I could buy with DDP snack entitlements and they gave us a bunch of choices. We flew home with them and gave them to others as souvenirs.