Walt Disney World’s MagicBands

MagicBands are provided by Disney for free as long as you have a resort reservation in a Walt Disney World hotel. As of right now, there are 8 free colors to choose from. There are other upgradeable options for a fee per MagicBand that you can select outside of the free 8 color options.

If you do not have a reservation booked on Disney property, you would need to purchase your own MB, if you wanted a MB. The tickets can still be used for park entry, photopass, FP and safety tracker.

The MBs have multiple purposes for Disney Resort guests versus guests who do not stay in a Disney hotel.

Here is a list of how the MB operates for Disney hotel guests:

  1. Theme parks entry
  2. Resort room key
  3. Memory Maker scanner
  4. Credit card for purchases (charges to your room, which has your credit card attached to it for your resort stay, food, incidentals, etc.)
  5. Disney Dining Plan scanner
  6. FastPass+ ticket
  7. Special Event scanner
  8. Safety tracker

Here is a list of how the MB operates for non-Disney hotel guests:

  1. Theme parks entry
  2. FastPass+ ticket
  3. PhotoPass scanner
  4. Safety tracker

Non-Disney hotel guests can buy their MB’s before their WDW vacation. Many people go to www.shopdisney.com to buy their bands. Take caution on any used purchases of MB’s and I do not recommend it.

Creating the all-in-one: Go to your MDE account and click on MBs. You will be able to choose the color you want along with personalizing your MB with your name. Your MBs will be mailed to you approximately one month prior to your Walt Disney World vacation, if you live in the U.S. As you make dining reservations, fastpasses, etc., through your MDE account, everything is auto loaded to your MB. This includes all MBs currently active. If you have older MBs that are still active, they will have the same information. If you are an Annual Passholder, you can order a MB through your MDE account and they will ship it to you. If you are a day guest (not staying on Walt Disney World property), you may purchase a MB for $12.95 + tax inside the park or Downtown Disney Marketplace. You can have multiple MagicBands associated to your MDE account. You will be able to use your MBs for future visits when you link a new Disney resort reservation or valid park admission to it.

Perfect fit for all: Do not be concerned about whether or not the MB will fit your wrist. The MBs are actually two bands in one. There is a gray band on the back that attaches to the outside band. Adults use the band as it is. A child or adult with a small wrist can peel off the gray band on the inside. Also, you do not have to wear the bands, anyway!! Some people wear them on lanyards. Keep in mind that they are fairly comfortable and easy to get used to and/or forget about. The touch points are at a comfortable height to tap your band when worn on your wrist, but not too high for children. You can choose which wrist to wear it on, also. However, you will need to decide which index finger you want to use. This will be the same finger you will need to use on the finger scanner every time you enter the theme parks.

Allergies: MBs are made of a waterproof material that is hypo-allergenic (non-latex material). If you are a Disney resort guest with an allergy to the material, you can request an RFID plastic ticket for your admission.

Technology: MB is the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Disney will be able to see where you travel inside the park by the numerous touch points you come across and will be able to tailor specific offers to you in the future. Disney does not want anyone else to be able to read any personal data you have linked to your MDE account so they use a series of encryptions, secure links and random data codes to separate your personal information from your MB. If you lose your MB or it is stolen, simply deactivate it in MDE or visit a Guest Relations location in a park or at the front desk of your Disney hotel and they will take care of it. If you are a hotel guest, they will reissue you a second band. If you lose the second band, you will need to purchase the replacement. By the way, no concerns about rain or water parks, either! You can wear the MBs in the water, because they are waterproof.

Assistance: Any Cast Member can assist you in linking your park admission ticket to your MB, as well as Memory Maker, if you purchased it. (Just remember that you need to buy the Memory Maker package 3 days prior to your arrival in order to receive the discounted rate. For more information about Memory Maker, click here.) The best way to prepare prior to your arrival at Disney World is to load all of your dining reservations, tours, Memory Maker, theme park tickets and FastPass+ to your MDE several days before your vacation. If you don’t buy your MB until you are at the park, all of the information will automatically upload to your MB.

Personalization: There are so many colors to choose from right now! Choose from pink, blue, green, yellow, red, gray, purple and orange. When making your Disney hotel reservation or if you are a Passholder ordering your MB, you will be able to choose your color. If you did not personalize your MBs, Disney will issue gray MBs with your first name on them. If there is not enough time to send your MBs for you to get them prior to your arrival, you can pick them up at the hotel at check-in. All residents outside of the U.S., will need to pick up their MBs at the hotel. You cannot exchange MBs. You can’t trade them with anyone in your party, friends or family. You can also purchase accessories to personalize your MB. There are fabric covers, sliders in many forms, etc. that can be found in all the Disney resorts, theme parks, at the Pin Trader and Disney Springs in addition to some special Disney events.

Also, the MB allows you to change the center piece, use multiple MagicBands with one center piece or use it on a key chain that can attach to a lanyard, bag, belt loop, etc., if you decide you don’t want to wear it on your wrist.

MBs are currently only being used at Walt Disney World. There has been no word about them being used in any other parks at this time.

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