Top 3 Spots To View Epcot Fireworks

It is hard to secure a good viewing spot. The best thing to do is to secure your spot at least an hour before the show is scheduled to start. Or, just like I said about the Magic Kingdom fireworks, watch them as you are making your way out of the park to beat the mad rush, which brings us to the 3 best spots below.

  • Entrance to the World Showcase—The best spot to watch Epcot’s fireworks is between the two gift shops located at the entrance to the World Showcase over by Future World. Standing here gives you an unobstructed view of the World Showcase Lagoon.
  • Right-side of the American Adventure Stage—Located on the opposite side of the entrance to the World Showcase, this area gives you a great view.
  • Rose and Crown Restaurant—Try to schedule your dinner reservations for this restaurant during the scheduled time of the evening’s show. This area is right along the water so it is a prime spot for watching the show.