How To Rest, Rejuvenate & Be Entertained At The Same Time At Walt Disney World

Sitting on a sidewalk waiting for the Disney parade

*****Some of these recommendations are still temporarily suspended.

When people plan their trips to Walt Disney World, they will plan all around the “must-do” attractions that are mainly rides. Of course! Why wouldn’t you?! You want to give your vacation party the most magical experience you possibly can! Planning ahead is one thing, but accomplishing all of it is another. Life can get in the way. Someone needs to rest, gets sick, you are tired, feet hurt, get up later or go to bed earlier than you planned, etc.

Going to Walt Disney World can be daunting and take a major toll on your body. Sometimes, all it takes is to sit on the sidewalk and wait for a parade. Maybe sit on the ground in front of the castle while waiting to see a stage show. There are shows that have seating that do not move allowing you to sit for awhile and help you get your 2nd, 3rd or 4th wind. Here are some ideas that will allow your body to rest and rejuvenate while being entertained by some of the great entertainment Walt Disney World has to offer.

Magic Kingdom

  • Flag Retreat–Whether you are on your way out of the park or in the vicinity shopping, head over to the Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A. to watch the Magic Kingdom’s American flag retire for the night. This is a special tribute to thank veterans for their service, sacrifice and dedication to protecting our country. Be sure to view your guide for the time this will occur on the day you will be there.
  • Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire–Grab a seat where ever you can in front of the castle even if it is the ground and wait to see this grand affair. It is an entertaining show with Disney Characters featuring lively dancing, dazzling effects, an original song and memorable music from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Frozen.
  • Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party–This is one of my favorites. While I would love to say you rest, that is actually only how you start out. I grab some curb and wait for the parade to come around, but the song is so catchy and energetic that I find myself moving, shaking and dancing. You do not have to move at all. You can sit back and relax and be entertained, but, trust me, you may have issues not dancing to the music.


  • Voices of Liberty–Head over to The American Adventure and walk into the hall for an inspiring and patriotic choral performance. Some benches are available inside, but you can sit outside until it starts if a bench is not available inside. The 8-member choir of a cappella singers perform in the rotunda. The rotunda’s acoustically perfect dome amplifies and purifies the sound.
  • Rose & Crown Pub Musician–Take a few minutes to step inside the British pub for a bit of brilliant entertainment performed live. Grab a pint or a beverage of your choice and share a toast as you sing along to smashing tunes from pubs all around the United Kingdom.
  • Norway Vikings–Grab a bench in the vicinity and wait for the Norsemen to come out and put together a “new crew” in the Norway Pavilion. Their sense of humor will get you laughing.
  • Matsuriza–The Matsuriza ensemble play drums in a distinctive musical arrangements while performing dramatic dancing.
  • Jeweled Dragon Acrobats–Get here early so you can grab a bench and watch acrobats from China perform breathtaking feats of strength, agility and balance.

Animal Kingdom

  • Festival of the Lion King–This arena holds many, many, many people. I have walked in at the last minute and still had a great seat. Last minute arrivals may be difficult for large parties. It is a moving and immersive theatrical experience celebrating the music that has touched generations of Disney fans.
  • Finding Nemo – The Musical–Original songs from Finding Nemo bring everything to life along with puppets, a stage with big bubbles, innovative lighting, dynamic props and animated projections.
  • Rivers of Light–While this show does not allow you to rest during the day, because it is a night time show, it is a great way to “take it easy” after a busy day on your feet. This show celebrates the beauty of all living things. 

Hollywood Studios

  • Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage–Plenty of seating with great views regardless of when you arrive. Relive the romance and magic of the “tale as old as time” in this stage performance. And, yes, there are some characters who sing live all the time!
  • Fantasmic!–This is a night time show so you will be able to rest your weary feet after a long day. Very large theater, but get here early for your entire party to be able to sit together. This show takes you into the colorful imagination of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They have pyrotechnics, laser lights and one million gallons of water to make the dream come alive.
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid–Grab a comfy seat and enjoy a show where you follow Ariel’s adventures as the show recreates selections from the Disney animated classic, using large and colorful puppets, live performers, special effects and movie clips.
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular–Very large theater where you can sit anywhere to enjoy the show. I think the title of this show describes what it is all about. Who does not know about “Indiana Jones”?

Just to give you an indication of how much walking is done at Walt Disney World…..We went to 2 parks in 3 days and walked 53 miles. It is not just about walking in the parks. You walk from your room, to transportation, transportation to front of park or parking lot, etc. It is A LOT of walking!